FileMaker® Managed Cloud Hosting Services & Development | New Zealand

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Claris FileMaker® Apps Cloud Hosting New Zealand

What is Filemaker Private Cloud?

FileMaker Cloud: Definitions

The Cloud? There are many definitions about the cloud. We are operating cloud hosting since 1996. We host on dedicated macOS servers to give our clients the best performance, fast connection and high security. We call it Private Cloud because you access a dedicated server, you know your data is secure in a professional facility at VOCUS in Albany, Auckland, New Zealand.

FileMaker Private Cloud: Ltd operates fully managed private Cloud hosting at VOCUS New Zealand in Albany, Auckland.

Then there is: FileMaker Cloud
Claris Cloud hosting is provided by the Claris company

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About Us Ltd and 1CloudSoftware Ltd are New Zealand based companies and a Claris FileMaker Partner (FBA FileMaker Business Alliance) for FileMaker development, license reseller, and private cloud hosting company. e-Business works in close cooperation with Ltd which is specialised in FileMaker Cloud Hosting.

We are also Claris FileMaker reseller if you require FileMaker licenses!

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FileMaker® Private Cloud Hosting

Our dedicated FileMaker cloud servers are located in high security facilities at VOCUS Communications.

FileMaker® Infrastructure macOS

FileMaker Private Cloud: Why choose us?

  • taylor made for New Zealand bespoke private cloud services
  • dedicated Claris FileMaker cloud infrastructure
  • high standard quality operations
  • 20 years experience hosting Filemaker solutions
  • 22 years developing FileMaker bespoke solutions
  • dedicated to small and medium business
  • providing fully managed services
  • delivering private cloud hosting
  • professional datacenter at VOCUS NZ
  • SSL security and hourly, daily, weekly FM data back-ups

  • 99.99 percent server uptime
  • servers of high specs, SSD storage, 16GB RAM
  • dedicated & reliable macOS server hardware
  • reasonable and honest NZ prices
  • effective and fast support
  • servers are in New Zealand
  • approved & authorised Claris FileMaker partner
  • highest data security at VOCUS datacenter
  • all available at one single package price!
  • no cloud hosting or server skills required
  • easy to setup and cost effective

Private Cloud Hosting Prices

  • Co-Location
  • $98.00
  • per month, payable monthly in advance, (in New Zealand plus 15% GST)
  • Self managed FileMaker Infrastructure, co-location type, bring your own server
  • FileMaker Hosting Infrastructure - easy monthly subscriptions
  • Standard option. Manage yourself, co-location hosting, you provide your dedicated server hardware and server software, we provide fast cloud connectivity and enterprise facility security

  • Complete
  • $198.00
  • per month, payable monthly in advance, (in New Zealand plus 15% GST)
  • Fully managed, FileMaker Server Infrastructure, including server hardware, you provide FileMaker user license
  • FileMaker Hosting Infrastructure - easy monthly subscriptions
  • Complete Option for serious FileMaker Infrastructure. Fully managed, professional hosting, we provide fast cloud connectivity and enterprise facility security, macOS, you provide FileMaker server license. This is the most complete and fastest option to get your data onto the cloud.
    Dedicated MacMini Server with 1x125 GB SSD storage plus 1x200 GB Hard Disk, 8 GB RAM Memory or more.

  • Bespoke | Enterprise
  • from $349.00
  • per month, payable monthly in advance, (in New Zealand plus 15% GST)
  • Bespoke, FileMaker Server Infrastructure, including server hardware and 5 user FileMaker licenses
  • FileMaker Hosting Infrastructure - easy monthly subscriptions
  • Complete, bespoke, incl licenses. Fully managed, professional hosting, we provide fast cloud connectivity and enterprise facility security, macOS, SSL Certificate, we provide FileMaker 5 user server license, min 12 month
    Dedicated MacMini Server with 1x500 GB SSD storage plus 1x1000 GB Hard Disk, 16 GB RAM Memory or more.

FileMaker® Cloud Development and Hosting New Zealand

  • Host your FileMaker with Filemaker developer experts in Auckland, New Zealand.
  • We haver over 20 years experience with FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server.
  • Get the simplicity, performance, and reliability you expect with FileMaker Server without having to spend time and resources deploying and maintaining a server.
  • Our New Zealand FileMaker servers are located at the secure VOCUS data centre in Auckland
  • We also offer the 'Managed Server' hosting option, so you can relax while we do all the technical stuff you don't want to be bothered with.

We host your FileMaker solution or Custom App

FileMaker Cloud Hosting Options

Hosting your FileMaker Pro databases on the private cloud allows you to securely access your data anywhere in the world. Our secure, reliable FileMaker Pro Servers are connected 24/7 to a high speed network so working on your database is as easy as if it was on your desktop. FileMaker Cloud Hosting allows numerous users to share the same database at the same time.

FileMaker Cloud Remote Hosting
Using your copy of FileMaker, you can securely share your data, you can securely completely access and manipulate your online database, remotely from anywhere. You can use iPhone and iPad connect securely to your data.

FileMaker Cloud Web Direct
Using FileMaker WebDirect, you can access your database from a web browser. The FileMaker Pro Server essentially turns your database into a web site. No remote copy of Filemaker Pro Client is required.

FileMaker Private Cloud Infrastructure
Private Cloud allows you to access your FileMaker data through a variety of methods including XML, XSL, and ODBC. Combined with our Website hosting services, you can manipulate your FileMaker data using programming languages.

VOCUS Secure Data Centre

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FileMaker Hosting Checklist

Please make sure:

  • Your data is not hosted overseas!
  • We host locally!
  • Fast internet connection
  • Fast SSD storage

Send us a message from the contact form and we will provide you with the important FileMaker Hosting Checklist!

Contact Us for FileMaker Cloud

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Fully Managed FileMaker Cloud Services & Infrastructure

FileMaker Cloud Support New Zealand

We take care of all your FileMaker Cloud related IT hosting services and infrastructure.

  • FileMaker cloud infrastructure
  • Fully Managed Hosting Services
  • Software Development
  • System Maintenance
  • Security Back-ups
  • Software Updates
  • Filemaker Server 15
  • Filemaker Server 16
  • Filemaker Server 17
  • Filemaker Server 18
  • Claris FileMaker Server 19

FileMaker Secure Cloud Hosting

Your FileMaker server uses SSL Certificates from certification authorities

FileMaker Automatic Back-Ups Options

With auto-maintenance enabled, a backup is preserved automatically hourly, every day, every week.
Preserve as many backups as needed. Restore data from any preserved backup with the click of a button.

Automatic Cloning

We clone your server SSD drive very night as part as our professional maintenance services.

We Develop Custom Apps for Your Workplace Innovation

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