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We host your FileMaker solution or Custom App

Global FileMaker Cloud Hosting for your Custom Solutions

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FileMaker Cloud Hosting with macOS 10 | Powerful Apple Mac Mini Server

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FileMaker® Cloud Development and Hosting New Zealand

  • Host your FileMaker with Filemaker developer experts in Auckland, New Zealand.
  • We know FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server for over 20 years.
  • Get the simplicity, performance, and reliability you expect with FileMaker Server without having to spend time and resources deploying and maintaining a server.
  • Our New Zealand FileMaker servers are located at the secure VOCUS data centre in Auckland
  • We also offer the 'Managed Server' hosting option, so you can relax while we do all the technical stuff you don't want to be bothered with.

FileMaker Managed Cloud Hosting New Zealand

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FileMaker Cloud Hosting Options

Hosting your FileMaker Pro database allows you to access your data anywhere in the world. Our secure, reliable FileMaker Pro Servers are connected 24/7 to a high speed network so working on your database is as easy as if it was on your desktop. FileMaker Hosting allows numerous users to share the same database at the same time.

FileMaker Remote Hosting
Using your copy of FileMaker, you can completely access and manipulate your online database, remotely from anywhere.

FileMaker Instant Web Publishing
Using FileMaker web, you can access your database from any web browser. The FileMaker Pro Server essentially turns your database into a web site. No remote copy of Filemaker Pro is required. Instant Web Publishing (IWP) is an optional service.

FileMaker Custom Web Publishing
Custom Web Publishing allows you to access your FileMaker data through a variety of methods including XML, XSL, and ODBC. Combined with our Website hosting services, you can manipulate your FileMaker data using programming languages such as Lasso (preferred), PHP, ColdFusion, or ASP.

VOCUS Data Centre

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Contact: FileMaker Cloud Hosting

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer.

We provide managed AWS FileMaker Cloud as well as Private FileMaker Cloud services.

FileMaker Cloud features

The benefits of using FileMaker Cloud are:
Not only does FileMaker Cloud provide the easiest and most affordable way to manage and run your business solutions.

Network security
FileMaker Server Supports industry standard SSL/TLS level encryption. Comes with 90-day trial SSL certificate. Certificate management is automated.

AWS or Private Cloud Hosting

What is the difference between AWS FileMaker Cloud and Private FileMaker Cloud?

Option 1: FileMaker Private Cloud

FileMaker Private Cloud Hosting provides you with a secure dedicated FileMaker server in your country / region or even in your city.
The advantage is that you have your data in a secure commercial network centre in your neighbourhood.

Option 2: FileMaker AWS Cloud

FileMaker AWS Cloud hosts your custom apps in the cloud through Amazon Web Services (AWS).
Who is AWS: Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a leading industry provider of cloud computing services. FileMaker Cloud is offered through AWS Marketplace, an online store that sells cloud-based software and services, and runs on the AWS Cloud.

Managed FileMaker Cloud Services


We take care of all your FileMaker related IT hosting services.
  • Software Development
  • System Maintenance
  • Security Back-ups
  • Software Updates

Automatic backups

When auto-maintenance is enabled, a backup is preserved automatically every day. Preserve as many backups as needed. Restore data from any preserved backup with the click of a button.

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We do FileMaker Custom Development

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FileMaker® Server Support New Zealand

FileMaker is a trademark of FileMaker, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. FileMaker Go and the file folder logo are trademarks of FileMaker, Inc.
Business Solutions made with FileMaker Pro
FileMaker Business Alliance
FileMaker Technical Network
For business solutions made with Filemaker Pro, we work close together software development company Ltd which is member of the FileMaker Business Alliance.

What is the FileMaker Business Alliance?
The FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA) is designed exclusively for companies that provide products and services based on the FileMaker product line. This includes FileMaker consultants, trainers, publishers, commercial solution providers, plug-in providers, and hosting companies. Companies looking to increase their business opportunities through exclusive sales and marketing support from FileMaker would benefit from FBA membership. The FBA provides a host of resources including promotional benefits, sales resources, co-marketing opportunities and product discounts to help you grow your business.

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