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iiA Health & Safety Inspection Cloud Software

Safety First! Hazard identification and reporting system for any size company NZ.

Quote from the New Zealand the Department of Labour re Health & Safety Hazard Identification:
Both self employed people and employers are responsible for the health and safety of everyone who does work for you or comes into your worksite. This includes employees, contractors and visitors, and volunteers in the workplace.

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Health & Safety Hazard Identification Solutions7

How can we assist you?

1CloudSoftware Ltd, a New Zealand Productivity Software Development company, provide expertise and software systems for assisting your business in Health & Safety hazard identification, hazard control and hazard reporting. Our professional products and services are available from single user mobile iPhone solutions to comprehensive cloud based multi user Property Risk Assessment Systems.

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1. Hazard Identification Workflow

Identify the hazard, take one or multiple photos if you like. Alternatively you may use a standard camera and import them to the iiA Hazard Inspection System.

2. Hazard Description

Enter a description of the hazard or select a hazard type from the drop-down selector of the iiA Hazard Inspection System.

3. Hazard Assessment

The iiA Hazard Inspection System assists you to detail the hazard description and add necessary steps to eliminate, isolate or minimise significant hazards.

4. Hazard Reporting

Easily create a Hazard Report as PDF file with the iiA Hazard Inspection System.

5. Hazard Elimination

Monitor the process of Hazard Elimination on the iiA Hazard Inspection System.

Health & Safety Hazard Identification and Reporting System

Health & Safety Hazard Identification and Reporting

iiA Hazard Inspection System | iPad

iiA Hazard Inspection System | iPhone

About Us

About 1CloudSoftware
The developers of 1CloudSoftware are specialised in Health & Safety and Property Risk Assessment applications. World wide, about 3,500 users are using the iiA Inspection System either as simple single user App or as multiuser cloud based system.

We are happy to assist you with our Health & Safety Hazard Identification and Reporting App and System.
About ISO 45001
ISO 45001 is a new international standard for occupational health and safety (OH&S), providing a framework for managing the prevention of death, work-related injury and ill health, with the intended outcome of improving and providing a safe and healthy workplace for workers and persons under an organization's control.

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