Home Inspector 'S'

Home Inspector 'S'

Home Inspector 'S'

Home Inspector 'S'

Home Inspector 'S'

Free* iPhone iiA Home Inspector 'S'

Save your $$$$! * Free - fully featured iPhone iiA Home Inspector 'S' for beta testing for limited time. Apply by email.

iiA Home Inspector 'S' - inspections have never been better, easier or faster.

Home Inspector 'S' App

Home Inspector 'S' - the fantastic iPhone single user version for the professional and independent home inspector.

No cloud connection required, no internet access required. Fully functional trial version available.

Upgrade to a multi user or cloud version at any time. New version 6 to be released soon.

Generate your professional home inspection on the iPhone and email it to any email address.
  • Requirements
  • No cloud service required
  • iPhone IOS 12.3.1
  • Filemaker Go version 18 (free download from the Apple AppStore)
  • Apple mail software to send large files - PDF Home Inspection Reports - by link to any email address

Why Home Inspector 'S'?

- Fast execution of inspection due to pre-populated look-up text fields

- The quality, accuracy, fast, intuitive.

- The home inspection report being professional, correct and precise.

- Easy delivery: email the complete pdf inspection report to the customer by download link to enable downloading the inspection report.

App Customisation to Your Requirements

We are are happy to customise the home inspection app as per your requirements.

App Upgrade Options

Home Inspector 'S+' on iPad

Cloud based Home Inspections

Free*: term and Conditions apply

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